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I'm proud to say my Remix album is now OUT!

And it's FREE!!


As i've posted previously, i have a new album of remixes due for release very soon (10th June to be exact). I had the idea to curate a remix album for WABHOW, ever since this the album came out in 2012. But it's only when i started touring the album, that this idea slowly became a reality. Most the artist involved in the project are like-minded artists that i've met through playing shows with, but also artists who i've never met who i reached out to because i liked their work. I feel honoured that all these talented artists agreed to be involved in this project. I love remixes because it allows someone to come along a take something that took you a long time to assemble, to break it down and take a completely fresh approach on your work, with no strings attached.

The album also contains a few original productions by myself. At the time of writing WABHOW, i spent a lot of time trying different ideas and taking tracks in different directions. All this experimentation generated lots of spare ideas, sketches and recordings. Many of these never made it onto the finished album. Not necessarily because they were uninteresting, but maybe because i felt they didn't quite fit the project at the time. So rather than confine them to an archive on a hard drive, i thought i should spruce them up a little as little skits - or offcuts - in between the actual remixes. In that way this remix project retains a little more of the Little People DNA.

I'm very happy with the way this record came to be and how it sounds. I hope you enjoy it too!

Here is the first track for you to stream, remixed by my buddy Blockhead.

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I wrote some original soundtrack music for a great little short film called Table For One. You can download the music (with a bonus beat thrown in) HERE.

and watch the movie THERE...



February 15, 2013

I've been announcing some of these tour dates in dribs and drabs... to view the full list of confirmed dates and advanced tickets, go the my SHOWS Only a few weeks to go! Getting very excited about this.

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For my next music video, Master of Shapes (director of Aldgate Patterns) and I thought it would be awesome to team up with you guys at home to make a fully integrated crowdsourced music video. We want to celebrate your creativity and craft together a unique music video with films you produce. This video will be for my track 'Wonderland' taken from my latest album 'We Are But Hunks Of Wood'... We are looking for videos from 3 to 20 seconds in duration. We call these mini films vignettes. They can be made up of one shot or multiple shots. Once we get your vignettes we will edit the best ones together to create an amazing patchwork rug-like music video.

The vignettes should be based around the theme of 'WONDER'. It can be anything... From a choreographed dance in a forest, to 2D or 3D animations, to stop-motion shapes magically moving in a desert. Sky's the limit. COLOR is very important and we are looking for vignettes that have NATURAL TONES and BRIGHT colors. The vignettes should be WEIRD, MESMERISING, ODD and VIBRANT.

For more info on how submit your films, click HERE. Deadline is the 8th March 2013