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A few months ago, I released a remix album where a whole slew of amazing artists remixed my 2012 album 'We Are But Hunks Of Wood'. Whilst bouncing down all the different stems from the original record for other producers to remix, my initial thought was to eventually make these available for anyone to remix. However, i wanted to offer something that was more useable than plain flat audio files which restrict both tempo and key used (Although that often is part of the appeal of remixing. Limitation can be a good thing in electronic music). Eventually, my keen interest in sound design led me to produce an Ableton live pack of several of the sounds i used making 'We Are But Hunks of Wood' in the form of over 40 presets that can be played chromatically across a keyboard. It's a 400mb mixed bag of synth pads, basses, tuned percussions and drum racks. Now anyone can re-appropriate these sounds and take them in any musical direction they want. Head over to ableton's website to download the pack:

This pack is only compatible in Live 9, but only uses the basic Live instruments and effects, enabling any user Live 9 user to use them.

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Fall 2014 Tour Dates

September 23, 2014

I'm excited to be playing a few US fall dates in 2014 spread out over the next couple of months - starting this week in Colorado. If your city is not included in this round of tour dates, i hope it will be in future. I've recently relocated to the United States from the UK to concentrate on building my profile stateside - so i'll expect to be playing a lot more shows throughout North America!

For tickets and further information go to:

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There has always been people making my music available via torrents and it’s part of the digital world we live in. Making my own bundle let’s me curate the contents myself and ensure this quality is up to scratch. It’s also nice for fans to have everything in one easy download. This particular Bundles contains all the material i’ve released in the past for free, so there’s no need for anyone having to go through my whole soundcloud to get my all tracks.

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I'm proud to say my Remix album is now OUT!

And it's FREE!!


As i've posted previously, i have a new album of remixes due for release very soon (10th June to be exact). I had the idea to curate a remix album for WABHOW, ever since this the album came out in 2012. But it's only when i started touring the album, that this idea slowly became a reality. Most the artist involved in the project are like-minded artists that i've met through playing shows with, but also artists who i've never met who i reached out to because i liked their work. I feel honoured that all these talented artists agreed to be involved in this project. I love remixes because it allows someone to come along a take something that took you a long time to assemble, to break it down and take a completely fresh approach on your work, with no strings attached.

The album also contains a few original productions by myself. At the time of writing WABHOW, i spent a lot of time trying different ideas and taking tracks in different directions. All this experimentation generated lots of spare ideas, sketches and recordings. Many of these never made it onto the finished album. Not necessarily because they were uninteresting, but maybe because i felt they didn't quite fit the project at the time. So rather than confine them to an archive on a hard drive, i thought i should spruce them up a little as little skits - or offcuts - in between the actual remixes. In that way this remix project retains a little more of the Little People DNA.

I'm very happy with the way this record came to be and how it sounds. I hope you enjoy it too!

Here is the first track for you to stream, remixed by my buddy Blockhead.

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