Mickey Mouse Operation

This my 2006 debut album... have a listen or download half of it using the widget below:


Unreleased Bits & Pieces EP (pt 2)

This EP is a collection of tracks which I have been playing in my live shows over the last year or so. Having mainly concentrated my efforts on my new album, i eventually got round to tweaking them and sharing them out for free. Another reason why these tracks hadn't previously seen a proper release is that they are chock full of uncleared samples and although i've now moved on to creating most the source material for my music myself, i thought one last hurrah with my sampler was a fun thing to do. The track 'This Music Is Not My Own' is a cut and paste collage in the vein of Steinski's lessons or DJ Shadow's Number song - using whole bunch of samples i'd been dying to use but never had a chance. The Start Shootin' remix about half way through uses a very very famous sample which i've been dropping in my live shows - for which i always get an amazing response... so i felt it should see the light of day.

Get the EP free via my Facebook page


Unreleased Bits & Pieces EP (pt 1)

I found a few tracks gathering digital dust on my hard drive... thought i should share with you all. These tracks were done around the time Mickey Mouse Operation was recorded but were never released proper. This is the first of a 2-part EP of FREE stuff from your favourite little people... it is available for download on my official Facebook page.

Get 4 free little people tracks here!



Joey Fehrenbach - Underwander (little people remix)

Here's remix i did for Joey Fehrenbach not long ago...

You can download this track for free via Cougar Microbes

Also check out the interview i did with them when we met in LA:

The Polish Ambassador - Dismantling Earth Based Authority Via Satellite (Little People Remix)

Here's remix i did for the Polish Ambassador... now available as a free download.



RJD2 vs Snow Patrol

Here's a quick little mashup thing a did a while back when working on a DJ mix - thought i should share it with you guys... Although it is a Snow Patrol track i'm laying on top, RJD2's beat ('Here and Now' from the 'Magnificient city' instrumental album) does make it sound rather good... Proof if ever it was needed that an RJD2 production can make anyone sound better. Preview and FREE download by way of soundcloud below:

Rjd2 & Snow Patrol - set fire to the here & now by little people



Sweetness & Decency DJ mix

Going through some of my old stuff - i found an old downtempo DJ mix i did a few years back. It's nothing ground breaking - but it's very pleasant nonetheless. I've uploaded it to my soundcloud - Go ahead and download it here or preview it below... Anyhow, It's FREE!

Little people - sweetness & decency mix by little people

Youth & Progress DJ Mix

Here is an old DJ mix which i put together for the launch of 'mickey mouse operation' now available as a free download... I lovingly burned 100 CDs by hand and gave them to everyone that came on the night. It's the follow-up to the sweetness & decency mix i posted a while back.

Incidentally, Youth & Progress is the name of my new label under which my new album will be released.


For Rosie DJ Mix

Here another DJ mix... it's part 3 of my mix series.

This is the DJ mix i gave out to all the guests at my wedding... a memento for the occasion. So it's pretty personal.