Little People Coming to America!

December 16, 2010

...very soon hopefully...

I've just signed with the lovely people at Autonomous Music who will now act as my booking agents for North America. They represent a whole host of cool artists like Emancipator, DJ Vadim and Alex B. A lot of you have been enquiring about possible US tour dates - so expect Little People at theater near you in the not so distant future. No dates as of yet, but i'll be looking to play some venues with the release of my new album sometime next year. Needless to say i'm very very excited by all of this!

So which venues would you like to see me play at??

EDIT: Thanks for all your responses below... didn't think i'd generate this many comments! I've put together a google map with all the venues and cities requested by all of you... Feel free to add to the map as i've made it public. Seattle is showing me a lotta love it seems!

View view or edit little people america tour wish list! in a larger map