February 14, 2013

For my next music video, Master of Shapes (director of Aldgate Patterns) and I thought it would be awesome to team up with you guys at home to make a fully integrated crowdsourced music video. We want to celebrate your creativity and craft together a unique music video with films you produce. This video will be for my track 'Wonderland' taken from my latest album 'We Are But Hunks Of Wood'... We are looking for videos from 3 to 20 seconds in duration. We call these mini films vignettes. They can be made up of one shot or multiple shots. Once we get your vignettes we will edit the best ones together to create an amazing patchwork rug-like music video.

The vignettes should be based around the theme of 'WONDER'. It can be anything... From a choreographed dance in a forest, to 2D or 3D animations, to stop-motion shapes magically moving in a desert. Sky's the limit. COLOR is very important and we are looking for vignettes that have NATURAL TONES and BRIGHT colors. The vignettes should be WEIRD, MESMERISING, ODD and VIBRANT.

For more info on how submit your films, click HERE. Deadline is the 8th March 2013

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